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Were you looking for the variant of Bearhug, Shadow Bearhug?

Bearhug is one of the main antagonists in The Twisted Carnival.


Bearhug is an animatronic bear that resembles Freddy Fazbear from the original FNAF games. Unlike Freddy Fazbear, Bearhug sports a yellow top hat as well as a bow tie. He has decayed considerably causing decay marks to be left on his mask giving him a withered appearance. Several parts of his suit have torn off, revealing his metal endoskeleton underneath.


Bearhug will spawn in Camera 2. You'll see a pair of glowing eyes in this cam if he's in it. This also applies to Bonzo, Chicsy, and Foxtrot. Afterwards he'll go to Camera 5 where he'll be invisible to the Camera. Then after that he'll appear outside the Ticket Booth. He'll have two phases before rushing up to attack you. When he dashes towards the booth, shut the curtains on him until you hear a faint sound que. Shining your light at him while he's in his first two stages will temporarily stun him. During Monday and Tuesday Bearhug will remain maskless and will make heavy clanking sounds when he moves. But Wednesday and onwards he regains his mask and will move silently.


  • Bearhug's design is based off of Unnamed from Legacy WEEKEND_'s Monday night.
  • Bearhug is voiced by Tristan Mullins, who also voiced the protagonist in Galva's previous game, WEEKEND_.
  • His face is based off of Billy Bob from Rock-A-Fire Explosion, as these animatronics have latex faces just as the animatronics in The Twisted Carnival seem to.
  • His overall appearance seems to be inspired from the animatronics in the Disney attraction Country Bear Jamboree.