The Booth Boys are a group of Attraction Animatronics in The Twisted Carnival. they are part of the Whack-a-Boy game. They both resemble the versions of BB and JJ from Fnaf 2.

Description Edit

The Booth Boys resemble smaller versions of BB and JJ from FNaF 2 with having stubby legs and arms with buttons, a propeller hat, rosy cheeks, a big smile, and a shirt and overalls. The red Booth Boy has the colors of red and white for his hat and clothes with having blue eyes, the blue Booth Girl uses blue and white for her hat while using blue and purple for her clothes and having magenta eyes they also have the same colors of the bb in fnaf 3s minigames.

Appearances Edit

So far,The Booth Boys have been seen in their respected minigame, Whack-a-Boy, and on the camera for the Storage Shed.

Trivia Edit

  • The name for the Booth Boys was confirmed by Galva on discord.

Gallery Edit

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