Carousel Repair is one of the minigames you can play in The Twisted Carnival, released on February 4th, 2019.

Gameplay Edit

Carousel Repair involves you having to fix up a Carousel with Valentine right next to it. The way the minigame works is that you have to flip the switches in the panel in front of you to fix up the music in a certain amount of time. Once the music is right you click on the big red button to the right to proceed with the next pattern. Do this four times and you will skip one hour off of your next shift. Run out of time however and you'll lose. You'll know when the music stops if the background ambiance goes silent.

Strategy Edit


Sounds Edit



Description Audio
Static during gameplay
Snd carousel static 2
The sound of button switching on
Snd carousel switch
The sound of button switching off
Snd carousel switch 2
The sound of correct switch
Snd butt
The music that plays the Carousel in correct switch
Snd carousel
The sound of cheer
Snd yaay
The sound of static before closing the game
Snd carousel static

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