There are several easter eggs, or references, to previous works of Galva_ and other games featured in The Twisted Carnival.

WEEKEND_ References Edit

Buddy doll Edit

The Buddy Doll from Weekend_ can be seen in the Prize Place on the top right laying on its side.

Reused assets Edit

Several assets from ingame from Weekend, a previous game by Galva, can be seen ingame which many can be seen in the Ticket Booth. In the front on the left one can see the 2 Puppet masks and the fan from the new Weekend demo while one can see a rubix cube, though with its pieces scrambled, from the old Weekend demo. In the back of the booth one can see the phone from the new weekend demo as well as a calendar with the "Believe!" cat that was previously featured as a poster in both of the previous Weekend demos.

The Desolate Hope Edit

If one looks in the front and to the left side of the Ticket Booth one can see a Coffee maker that resembles Coffee from the Desolate Hope, this model is reused from the previous Weekend demos.

Product Readjusted Edit

A plush doll of the Buster doll from Project Readjusted, made by Mechlellan, can be seen in the Prize Place on the top right next to the Buddy doll, which also in Project Readjusted, with the broken toy from Baby's Nightmare Circus. This Buster Doll was made by Galva, which later on was changed to the Buster Doll in Baby's Nightmare Circus.

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