The Ferris Wheel is an attraction part of King's Carnival, this is where the Carnival King resides.

Apearance Edit

It appears to have 2 circus tents and one huge ferris wheel, it seems to have a couple fences and a animatronic similar to prize king from FNAF 6. pops popcorn may appear here. The ferris wheel appears to be red because of a light source shining on the ferris wheel. It appears to have 7 passenger cars on it.

Gameplay Edit

So far Bonzo and Chicsy are the only animatronics shown to go through here.But the carnival king can show up here

Trivia Edit

  • 5 kids went on the Ferris Wheel and became brain dead, this may be the incident that led to the carnival being closed however this is not confirmed.
  • You can see the Ferris Wheel outside the background of the Ticket Booth.

Gallery Edit

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