King's Carnival is the establishment the game takes place, it's unknown as to if the place is still in operation by the time of the game.

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King's Carnival is the location the Twisted Carnival takes place in. King's Carnival was shut down because five kids mysteriously died on the Ferris wheel. This is also the place where the animatronics are.

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Shown on a teaser with Bonzo it revealed the items King's Carnival bought.

Item Description Quantity Price
Bear Animatronic Freddy Character 2 $20
Rabbit Animatronic Bonnie Character 1 $20
Chicken Animatronic Chica Character 1 $20
Fox Animatronic Foxy Character 1 $20
Security camera Galv-OS systems 6 $10
Speaker module replacement ride speaker 1 $5

Total: $95

*repairs required for animatronic characters, not ready for public exposure

*animatronic characters must be rebranded due to due to associations with Fazbear entertainment and affiliates

William A. Henrys

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