The Mannequin is one of the main animatronics in The Twisted Carnival.

Description Edit

The Mannequin is a wooden mannequin that sits on a desk in the office and slightly resembles the Puppet. He has long arms with big hands attached to them as well as long legs. The Mannequin's full face still has yet to be revealed in-game, but has been shown fully in Jollibee's, where-in it has empty eyes, a human-like nose and a wide smile on it's face

In some images, The eyes of the Mannequin gain red, human-like eyes.

Appearances Edit

So far he has been seen to appear and disappear from the office.

Trivia Edit

  • The name for the Mannequin was a placeholder name by fans before eventually becoming his official name.
  • The Mannequin's design was based off of the Dream Puppet's beta design from Sweet Dreams.

Gallery Edit

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