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Ey, guys and gals! I'm Padre Snowmizzle, a guy who creates music and animations when I get the chance. I also play and review games on my YouTube channel. Lastly, I've been involved with development of a variety of games, ranging from voice acting, conceptual character design, occasionally story aspects, and even game mechanics. If you want to come check me out or contact me, links are down below. Thank you for readin', and have a great day!

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Projects and Involvement Edit

  • WEEKEND_ and The Twisted Carnival By Galva_
  • Horror Halls by LexzachGames
  • Physica-E by Electro Maniac
  • Project Readjusted by Mechalolzlas
  • Baby's Nightmare Circus by Mixlas
  • The Silent House bonus gamemodes and Winter's Quietude by Lowman
  • Fredbear and Friends: Reboot series by SithDestroyer and Rarithlynx
  • Darktimes by Tristan and Grant
  • 3177 by Gismomech and David
  • The Tribe of Universo by Tallot Co.
  • Fazbear's Return: Remastered by Majmoujh Productions

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