The Prize Dolls are minor attraction animatronics in The Twisted Carnival. They run some of the minigames in the game.

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The Prize Dolls are mannequins that you will encounter in minigames. There are three versions of the Prize Doll. First, there's the bottle throw Prize Doll, it wears a fancy clown like hat, but for some odd reason is the only one without a face.It's also the only one with ears.Then, there's the Prize Place Doll, the only difference from the Water Race Doll and the bottle throw doll is that the prize corner doll has empty happy looking eye sockets. Finally, there's the water race doll, instead of happy looking eyes like the Prize Place Doll, the Water Race Doll only has a unsettling smile.

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  • The Prize Dolls resemble the Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil Monkeys.

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