I'm the Master of all things juggle
— A quote of the minigames.

Robbie is a side character in The Twisted Carnival.

Description Edit

Robbie has a triangular chin, sporting human-like teeth,He has a curly mustache,orange hair,Ears,, a top hat,purple eyelids with a pink nose.He has pink eye brows attached to another that connects to his skin that can simulate his expressions.He has a torso that is not much seen,And he has a white bowtie with 2 stripes.Suspiciously when his mouth is open there is a cannon-like device

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Trivia Edit

  • Robbie's name comes from Robbie Rotten, the Main antagonist of the children TV show "Lazy Town" and his design was based on Waluigi , a character from the popular Mario franchise. both Waluigi and Robbie Rotten have been compared to each other and both are popular with Meme community.
  • Robbie was first teased by Lui when changing their page's image.
  • Robbie often says "Juggle" for when doing the action of juggling.

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