ruruyryrir twisted carnival the devils game youwill die in this game you wont try it youw illlllll die dont try at home

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When five children are mysteriously found dead unexplainably after a ride on a ferris wheel, It's obvious that something strange is happening, and the secrets must be uncovered.

Working as a nightguard at King's Carnival has its perks, like getting unfettered access to the park during the day, but during work hours, expect to spend long nights fending off Bearhug and his gang of mechanical husks as you plunge deeper into the darkness of The Twisted Carnival.

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  • The original logo for the game had a man hanging off of the ferris wheel, this was later on removed due to a fan's request.
  • On Easter Fools' the game's name and banner were changed to "Dunko's World Tour".
  • The game has a official twitter account ran by Tristan Mullins.
  • FusionZGamer, early in the game's development, was asked if he was open to being a voice actor ingame, but he denied the request he later mentioned this in his first TTC analysis video.

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