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The Ticket Booth is the place where the player stays the majority of the Twisted Carnival in.

Appearance Edit

The Ticket Booth is basically your office in the Twisted Carnival. There is a front and a backside, the backside is where the mannequin and your cameras are located and the front side is the actual ticket booth. The front side features a desk with a bright red cloth over it (the desk is also where your plushies appear on after purchasing them), a reference to Coffee from one of Scott's older games called the desolate hope, a mask that what appears to be a Bearhug mask to the right side of the ticket booth, and a red button above the entrance that will close a red curtain. Balloons can also be seen in the front.

Gameplay Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The sound of computer booting up also used in another Galva's game WEEKEND_ as sound playing during the "WARNING" screen.
    • The "WARNING" screen and main menu for Weekend_ look like they're being displayed on old CRT monitor, so the sound may be a reference.

Audio Edit

Description Audio
The sound of the computer booting up.
Snd synth
The ambiance for the office.
Snd machine
The sound of the flashlight being turned on.
Snd click on
The sound of the flashlight being turned off.
Snd click off
The sound of the player turning.
Snd turn
The sound of the curtain being closed.
Snd curtain close
The sound of the curtain being opened.
Snd curtain open
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