Tristan Mullins is a 17 year old amateur voice actor and has been featured in a few fangames. In "The Twisted Carnival" he voices Bearhug and ????. He hopes to voice for more games in the future! He also created the idea for Pops.


Tristan IRL Mid 2018

Known Works Edit

  • The Twisted Carnival
  • Benny The Clown Circus World 1&2
  • Soul Effect
  • Tormented Remnants
  • Eddie and The Misfits
  • Primetime

Trivia Edit

  • There is a joke in the discord server that involves Tristan drinking sprite, due to him always drinking a sprite during his live streams.
  • Tristan convinced Chris McCullough to voice for the game and join the discord server.

Gallery Edit


Tristan IRL Early 2018

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