— What the Booth Boys say when the game ends

The teaser for the minigame.

Whack-a-Boy is one of the minigames you can play in The Twisted Carnival. A demo was released on Gamejolt February 1st, 2018.[1]

Appearance Edit

The area of Whack-a-Boy consists of a red curtain along with a mask of the Booth Master in the back, lights and balloons on the sides and Booth Boys popping up from the holes in the center.

Gameplay Edit

Whack-a-Boy is basically Whack-a-Mole, but instead of moles, you have to whack Booth Boys. If a Booth Boy pops out of a hole, click the mouse button to swing your hammer. There's also a curtain that slowly closes and a face with eyes that follow the mouse in the background, if the curtains close completely the minigame ends. The current max amount of tickets you can get are 10.

Strategy Edit

In this Minigame, you have 35 seconds. Booth Boys & Girls spawns sometimes random, whack as many as you can. However, in a few seconds, they will speed up to disappear. After 0 Seconds, then you will obtain some tickets depending on how well you played.

Sounds Edit

Dialogue Edit

Snd bbhello
Snd bbgoodbye

Audio Edit

Description Audio
The title music from the Whack-a-Boy demo.
Snd ferris 1
The music that plays when the game is being played.
Snd gametime
The music for the win screen.
Snd shop
The sound of one of the Booth Boys laughing.
Snd bblaugh
The sound of the hammer whacking.
Snd Whack
The sound of Booth Boy spawning.
Snd spring

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the BBs that pop out where confirmed to be called Booth Boys by Galva on discord.
  • The laugh and "Hello" the Booth Boys make are near identical to the ones from FNaF 2 & 3.
  • The music for the win screen is unedited from it's original one from

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